Padaria Brasil, Allston

Over the last few months, I’ve become a little obsessed with becoming a recognized regular at Padaria Brasil. Even though I’m pretty sure I’m one of very few non-Brazilians who frequent this nondescript Allston eatery, nothing seems to work — I go in at least once a week, I ask for recommendations, I order a variety of items, I tip, and I’ve even converted several friends to the wonders of the pão de queijo, pictured below in all its glory. That’s some glutinous goodness right there.

I’d give up, except every so often the one guy who does recognize me suggests new things for me to try and sneaks extra goodies in for me. He’s the one who introduced me to coxinha, which are basically giant croquettes filled with chicken, and my favorite thing to eat from there. He also introduced me to tamales made with fresh corn rather than masa. It’s just enough to keep me coming back, even knowing that he hardly ever works the counter.

Yeah, I’ve got it bad.


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